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Company History
  • Tritec was first founded in 1986 under an alternative company name, the registration of Tritec Environmental Services in its current format was not registered until 1989.


  • Change of Name in 1996 


  • Tritec Environmental Services Ltd was previously known as Tritec Holdings Limited.


  • The change of name occured on 16th April 1996.

Change of Ownership 2009


In 2009 Scott Harvey joined the board of Directors as the Commercial Director, the change of ownership from the previous management also occured during this period, the new directors and owners and equal share holders of the company are as follows. 



      TONY FENEMORE                                             PAUL MERRISON                                          SCOTT HARVEY

   Technical Director                                           Director of Operations                                     Commercial Director

About us


Mission Statement

To enhance and improve Customer and Employee relations in order to attain higher efficiency in our chosen fields of expertise, so that Client and Employee alike choose to stay and grow with TRITEC.


This achievable growth will assist the development of  TRITEC into a major player in the New, Modern Water treatment and Environmental Services Sector.


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