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Tritec employ a team of skilled technicians and staff to provide the most up to date and technically proficient assessments of the buildings services systems including both water and air systems.

Theses audits can form part of a health and safety assessment to provide compliance with legislation and peace of mind or establishing the technical proficiency of a system with our team of trained commissioning engineers and managers.

These services also extend to the management and witnessing of specialist contractors through our BSRIA witnessing and monitoring services through to training of key staff personnel and managers with our Legionella Awareness Training packages.

Legionella Risk Assessment

The Tritec risk assessment reports are comprehensive yet concise, It can be used as an effective management tool to reduce risk and monitor improvement.

Our risk assessment system complies with the requirements of the recently introduced British Standard BS 8580 “Water quality – Guide to risk assessments for Legionella Control.”

Our risk assessors are highly experienced and use a risk rating system to help identify those factors which increase risk across the whole system. This helps to concentrate budget on the parts pf the system that pose the highest risk.

WRAS Compliance Audits

Increasingly buildings are extended, linked or converted into properties that sometimes have an alternative purpose to their original design.

As a result the building does not perform properly with regards to temperature and flow and in turn can lead to properties that waste water, cross contaminate systems and harbour bacteria.

Once control over the water systems is lost it can be almost impossible to bring the systems back under control through disinfection and monitoring alone.

To help with this Tritec offer a WRAS compliant survey where all items are surveyed under the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme in line with the local water authority, these surveys are a little bit more detailed than a Legionella Risk Assessment and are generally carried out at development stage or when the property has persistent bacterial or water quality issues

Legionella Training  

The course has been developed by Tritec Environmental Services to provide an understanding of the importance of water hygiene, with specific reference to the control of Legionella, to enable delegates to relate water hygiene to specific water systems, and ensure all delegates understand their responsibilities and how they are affected by health & safety law.

On satisfactory completion of a multiple-choice test paper the delegate/s will be issued a certificate for inclusion within the site water management log system. This will help to demonstrate competence of task appointed staff, managers and building owners/managing agents, in compliance with the Health and Safety Executives, document L8.


Validation Survey

Huge sums of money are spent when refurbishing properties Heating and Ventilation systems, these systems are stripped out and replaced when a number of elements of the system may be reused.

Tritec Validation surveys are essential at design stage of design and build projects as the controlled planning of projects based on exact criteria are an essential tool in understanding what existing systems can achieve and how they can be worked into new designs.

Tritec can provide skilled engineers to carry out validation samples in line with BSRIA for closed circuit systems and flow rates in accordance with CIBSE for plant validation on both air and water systems.


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