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Tritec have been helping to maintain the safe use of water systems in commercial properties for a number of years in compliance with the latest legislation of the prevention of Legionnaires Disease. Tritec have operated as stand alone consultants performing risk assessments of the water systems through to routine maintenance and monitoring and refurbishment works. We also provide air monitoring and indoor air quality audits to cater for all of the indoor environmental requirements.



With the development of the residential infustructure in London increasing over the past ten years Tritec have been instrumental in the chlorination, flushing and balancing of air and water systems in a number of residential dwellings to help to achieve the required standard under building regulations. Tritec have been involved in the development of over 5,000 properties in the past couple of years, be they student accommodation, hotel accommodation or private dwellings.



Over the past 25 years Tritec has worked on a number of industrial projects for pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies through to large energy and data centres performing tasks such as De-scaling and De-greasing of large storage vessels to BSRIA pre-commission cleaning and balancing of pipework systems. In 2012 Tritec completed the chemical cleaning and balancing of the energy centres and the interconnecting pipework of the complete heating and chilled water circuits.

Latest Project


In January 2001, the Health and Safety Commission Published L8, The approved code of Practice.

The Fourth Edition of ACOP L8 now applies to any property involving a work activity, whether trade, business or residential, where communal water is used or stored or where water droplets can be transmitted and inhaled, thereby causing a risk of exposure to legionella bacteria. The code also gives guidance on compliance with the relevant parts of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.



Tritec Chlorine dioxide Generator for domestic water and process water applications.

A Non Computerised Chlorine dioxide generator – one of the simpilist, safest and effective chlorine dioxide generators on the market. 


Water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in the safe operation of engineered water systems. Tritec provides not only traditional methods of monitoring, cleaning, disinfection and refurbishment of domestic and process water systems, but also innovative control systems. All systems and practices are designed to meet specific site requirements for industrial, commercial, leisure and healthcare premises .Our working methods and control systems comply with the latest codes of practice and specification.

All works are carried out in compliance with Water Research Council Guidance and Water Supply Regulations, with due regard to ACOP L8. Typically the systems to be considered are:


·         Cold Water Storage Tanks

·         Cooling Towers 

·         Evaporative Condensers 

·         Domestic Water Tanks/Systems 

·         Calorifiers and Water Heaters

·         System Pipework

·         Drinks Vending Machines 

·         Spa Baths

·         Pools

·         Showers 




At present we offer a wide range of services including the supply and installation of

specialist equipment from a number of pre-qualified suppliers. We pride ourselves on 

being a water treatment service provider first and foremost and as a result will provide 

impartial advice on the best solutions for your technical requirements.

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